Wrong Time in Live Tv Guide

New Dual HDMI OTA DVR - connected antenna, hdmi, connected to my wifi, completed setup including a software update, zip code, channel search.

All local channel numbers and names are good, program names and descriptions are good. Able to watch live tv, but it doesn’t match what’s in the Guide because that is showing the wrong time.

It’s not a time zone or DST issue. The time in the guide is off by some strange amount, for example at 2:00pm the guide says 11:39am.

I have submitted an email support ticket. I also have rebooted the Tablo, re-entered my zip code, unchecked all channels then re-scanned and saved.

try a different nearby zipcode.

This smells like a time issue in the router. If you can get into your router settings (the most common is http:\\, see if the router has the correct time.

Are there a lot of tablo users who set up their routers as a custom NTP server? For those that do the light must go on to check it’s time.

Of course there was a time when the tablo unit would get the time from a device that performed a channel scan. And if that device was wrong the tablo unit was set to the wrong time. But I don’t know if that is the case any longer since I haven’t seen any recent posts in that area.

Happy to report the Time on the unit is now showing correctly! Did not do anything, must have done some magic update when I wasn’t looking :grinning:

PS: Tablo did respond to my email support ticket, saying that time is set on the tablo hdmi box via my network router. I never logged into my router and checked, so unsure how the tablo box time corrected itself.