Wrong shows being recorded

I have several series marked to record. I chose “Create repeating
manual program”.
When I then go to watch the series I find numerous recordings with mostly wrong shows being recorded. But they are all in the same folder with the correct name on each one.
Why are they recording? Why are they all titled with the name of the show I want?
This has been happening from Day 1 and it is quite frustrating. I end up with anywhere 50 to over 100 different recordings.

Series recordings and manual recordings are completely different things. If you have the guide subscription, you would normally be doing series recordings. If you don’t, you’ll be doing manual recordings. Which are you doing?

I do manual recordings. The person who installed antenna and Tablo last year told me I did not need a subscription so just save that money. Since I cut the cord some years ago I did not want to pay for anything. But now I have subscriptions to Peacock and Paramount. (free of very low monthly payments.) A benefit of T-Mobile internet.
I never had this problem when I just had a DVR and was able to set it up to record.

Remember that a manual recording is for a specific time slot and channel, not for a specific show.

If you’re getting more recordings than you think you should, check to make sure you don’t have more than one day selected in the manual recording screen.

Also, if your signal quality is iffy, it might be loosing the signal and restarting the recording. Check the length of the recordings. If they’re all shorter than expected, that could be the issue.

When I set up the manual recording I select the show from the live menu. It asks several questions such as watch (Channel #), Create a repeating manual program, Create one-time Manual program and I choose the one to Create repeating manual program. So I believe I am wanting the show that I chose from the live menu.
I do not select a day as the show I chose is a series and is on at set time(s)
I have a great signal as I check this on my Roku settings and it always says “excellent”.
The recordings are the correct length.

If you don’t select a day, then it might be recording that time slot on all days. Remember, manual recordings don’t know anything about the show that’s on, only the time slot you have selected.

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