Wrong show recorded

I went to watch NBC News recording from Friday night, which is on 5:30 - 6:00 PM. Instead of being NBC Nightly News it was Wheel of Fortune. When I got home my clocks were flashing, so apparently there was a power outage. I had to reboot my cable modem and my router before either the Roku or Fire TV Stick would see the internet (or any other device for that matter), @TabloSupport - what does the Tablo do with a power outage? If it had been hard wired, would it have recorded the correct show? Saturday’s NBC Nightly News recorded at 5:30 as it is supposed to.

Hard to say without knowing when the power outage occurred - and what the Tablo was doing at the time. Either way, though - if the network is down, it’s down. This can cause some issues in connecting with certain apps, but it shouldn’t have recorded the wrong program in the first place.

Interesting! I’ve had the same thing happen twice with NBC in the past week. The last time, instead of getting the fab new Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Chris Harrison at 5:00, I got Celeb Name Game, which airs in my market at 630. No power outage here, though.

Did they change the schedule or is the Tablo in the wrong Time Zone? It hasn’t happened again to me.

No schedule changes, no time zone issue. Thid is one of the random odd occurrences during the 2.5 weeks I’ve had my Tablo. Overall, I love it. Just figuring out the quirks.