Wrong network on 19.5 Austin, TX

19.5 used to be an infomercial station. A little over a week ago they changed to LIGHT TV and I opened a ticket. @Tablosupport still waiting. It is still showing infomercial station schedule.


Notice the channel lineup in the link below, paying attention to channel 19. Antennas Direct HAS IT CORRECT unlike your guide provider.


Click on View channels for any of the antennas

Even http://antennarecommendations.com has it correct if you click find channels and enter 78758 as the zip code. It is run by Luke and he gets the information from the FCC database with a subscription.

Please point your guide provider to these sources so they can get the schedule of LIGHT TV for me. Once this one is fixed, I have another station.
Neither of the above have the additional station, so I doubt your guide provider can get it either.