Wrong hour shown on live tv channel guide with Kodi on NVIDIA Shield

I’ve noticed that in the last few months, the channel guide for Live TV displays the incorrect time along the top of the program grid. It seems to be 4hrs early ie guide displays 7:30pm programs on now when it should show 3:30pm. The correct time however is in displayed in the upper right corner of the program grid. I’ve performed a channel rescan but the problem persists. Interestingly, the correct times are displayed on my iPhone live tv programming grid but it’s 4hrs off on my TV.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?


Is the clock on the TV set to the correct time?

Yes. The clock is set correctly on my TV.


If you are using Kodi as your header states, hopefully you know that Tablo hasn’t supported a Kodi app for several years now. Most users use the Android TV app on a nVidia Shield player and that app is supported and regularly updated by Tablo.

So the time being incorrect on the TV, is it’s incorrect while viewing on TV from an app from another device.

I did not know that Kodi support was discontinued for Tablo. I’ve switched to the android app and it works as expected. Thanks to all for the help.


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