Kodi Add-on Not Working

I’m on Kodi v18.4 and can’t get the add-on to work. I installed it from the official repo and get stuck at this screen:

I know it’s not a network issue since the native Windows Store app and the Web app are both working fine from the same PC.

Log: [PasteBin]

Others have brought this up in the past year at this forum. No response from Tablo.

My guess is that Nuvyyo wants to stay as far as possible away from Kodi. With countries such as England, Canada and the US coming down hard now on pirating and devices that enable it, Nuvyyo won’t touch Kodi with a ten foot pole from now on.

Click on the :mag: in the upper right and type kodi


*** NOTE - Tablo support for KODI has been discontinued at this time. ***

I am quite disappointed by this as well! Although I am enjoying my Tablo, it was the availability of a Kodi app that prompted my purchase. I likely would have gone with the HDHomeRun if I had known then what I know now. I have a friend with an HDHomeRun and the Kodi app does work.