Wrong Episode Descriptions

I’m in Mississauga, recording Seinfeld episodes overnight off of channel 29-1 (FOX). The recording quality is great, but the episode descriptions don’t match the recordings. Is this a common issue? Is there a way to edit the episode numbers?

Edit anything - no.

Common issue, not really… but not unusual. There’s various issues between guide publishers gathering information, broadcasters having accurate information, and syndicate resellers. synchronizing their bulk sales with everyone. I may not have all the “names” and players just right, but occasionally some get something skewed up.

The most common errors I’ve seen are when there are two part episodes of the same name with a Part-1 Part-2 added to their descriptions. The Part-1 and Part-2 are missing and often they are the same episode number. For a current example see bellow. This is Start Trek Voyager episodes 8 and 9 on H&I. They both have the exact same title and episode number. So Tablo will only record one of them because the second is seen as a duplicate.