Wrong Channel names and guide data Jacksonville Florida

I reported this issue to Tablo Support in September. They’ve remoted into my box and still can’t figure it out. The latest message says that they have escalated this issue to their dev team and have no ETA on a fix. Am I the only one with this issue???

Original issue reported:

In Jacksonville, FL zip 32216, the channel scan find channels 9-1 NBC, 9-2 CHARGE, 9-3 COMET, 9-4 ANTENNA. The channel names and the guide data is wrong. It should be:
9-1 – NTD
9-2 – Story
9-3 – Classic Rerun TV
9-4 – RNTV (Right Now TV)
If it helps, I believe the FCC callsign is WJKF-CD.

Tablo support told me they reported the issue to their guide data provider and that the update was complete. I told them I still have the problem. They gave me this procedure which didn’t work:
• Go to ‘Edit Channel Lineup’ in the Tablo app Settings menu

• Remove the checkmark from the channel(s) having trouble

• Press the ‘Add to Guide’ button (this step is important to remove the old channel data)

• Once the guide is done updating perform another channel scan

• Select the channel(s) to add them back to the guide

• Press the ‘Add to Guide’ button

What I told them was from what I can tell, clicking “add to guide” after deselecting the problem channels doesn’t actually cause any channel data to get deleted. When i rescan, I can actually see the correct channel names appear but when the channel guide updates, the channels revert to the wrong names.

It doesn’t appear the guide data was updated as you expect. Tablo uses Gracenote as the guide data service provider, so does Zap2it.com so it’s easy to check what channels are aligned with 9-x in zip 32216. This is what I see for that zip on Zap2it:

Rabbit ears agrees with your proposal, not what I see on Zap2it (Gracenote):
Stations for Jacksonville, Florida

And what does titantv show for that zipcode. I don’t think anyone is supplying guide data for super low powered broadcasters.

And could the guide being supplied be for a gainesville station.

@bbaorbb -So what you are telling me is that Tablo support was WRONG when they said that the guide data service provider had updated their data. This is good to know. I’ll let Tablo support know.

Have at it. But titantv is a guide supplier for businesses. Often actual broadcaster’s use titantv’s TV schedule. So a good rule of thumb is that if titantv doesn’t have it, an EPG is probably not available for anyother guide provider.

So since these channels are associated with a lower powered VHF station with an ERP of 3 kW it might just be that the the cost of them producing an EPG could be too high…

@bbaorbb - for the heck of it, I reported the issue to zaptoit. Maybe they can get it fixed up the line.

@zippy - thanks. I sent an email to Tablo Support asking who their guide provider is.

As mentioned above it’s gracenotes. But if the broadcaster doesn’t produce and distribute the EPG data to the various guide producers nothing will happen.

that’s why some people check with titantv. if the EPG data is available from the broadcaster it will almost always show up on titantv.

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Just an update to say that I’m getting nowhere with this issue. I never heard back from zaptoit or Tablo support. There isn’t a way for me to report the issue directly to Gracenote. I guess I’ll try Tablo support again on Monday. Either get the channel guide fixed or give me a way to manually do it!

The broadcaster may not produce an EPG. Have you contacted the broadcaster. If they don’t, guide data will probably not appear. And to enter guide data manually you would have to enter it in the proper EPG format with all the fields filled in. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I sent an email to the TV station. I don’t see why it would be hard to provide the EPG. They are simply rebroadcasting national networks. I’m a computer science major. If there is a way for me to get the data in there myself, I will do it. I don’t know what the format is or how to get it into Tablo.

Are we talking about it being hard or costing money.

If the station doesn’t generate the appropriate EPG maybe you could apply those programming skills to the station so they could cheaply produce and distribute the data.

You didn’t happen to reply to the support email before receiving an initial response back from them did you? The way the ticketing system works that will send you to the bottom of the queue…


They CLOSED my ticket and said that tthey reported the issue to their guide data provider and that the update was complete. Then they said that since I’m still getting the wrong guide data it must be a application issue and they have no ETA on a fix. I did email them back with the closed ticket number saying that I don’t think the guide data provider truly did an update.

At this point I’m truly fed up and regret having bought the “lifetime guide data” that they can’t get right.

I have been a “cord cutter” is some form for the last 16 years. My experience is that no platform will ever be perfect - even the true “cable company” connections had issues. Guide data isn’t generated by one party - it is a combination of the station reporting their programming, the guide data provider consolidating that data, and the device manufacturer translating the data to the device.

In this case, Tablo is reliant upon a company to provide the data to them, and it isn’t coming in correctly. They have submitted information to them to get it fixed. Unless all three companies are synchronized properly, the guide data is off. And this is true for literally every DVR company out there (I have used Tablo, TiVo, Cable companies, Satellite companies, HDHomerun and the guide data in TVs - I have a friend that had the Recast, but I have never owned one).

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Don’t hold your breath. I’ve been waiting for almost a year to get my guide updated. Whatever the reason is, it’s not acceptable.

So they never addressed the ticket you opened for this?

I was told they contacted the provider. If I remember, 2x. I contacted zap2it to see if they could get their guide updated. Same answer.

They addressed the ticket claiming that the guide data service provider updated their records but the problem still exists. Then they closed the ticket saying that the Dev team would have to fix it and didn’t have a ETA. From what I’ve learned here, it’s not a Dev application issue. It’s that the guide data has not been updated.

If the station doesn’t provide the EPG no guide should appear. The development fix would be to not populate the guide with data that doesn’t match the actual station.