Wow... quad tuner but can only watch one live channel at a time! :(

Chalk another messed up scenario with my quad tuner tablo, this is getting painful now.  I’ve got two Roku 3s that I use to connect to my Tablo.  If one of them is already streaming a live channel and I try to stream a different channel on the second Roku then the first Roku stops streaming and comes out to the channel list.

Also, if I use Tablo Connect, which I did while traveling this week, the same thing happens and the Roku units at home bomb out of showing live TV.  You can imagine how the missus would feel watching TV and then I try to watch the football game via Tablo Connect while traveling and her getting knocked off of her channel.

Sounds like a really bad bug.  I don’t have  second Roku to test it out but can you send an email to Tablo?

Seems like someone else has the same problem too that posted on here.  For the Rokus, they’re both wired on a 1Gbps switch (along with the Tablo) and have great connectivity so there shouldn’t be an issue there.  The behavior is consistent and completely (annoyingly) repeatable every single time.

Not sure if you have time but please call or email Tablo tech support.   They are very friendly and will get to the bottom of it. 

I have the 2 tuner and I can watch live TV on 2 Rokus, or record 2 shows simultaneously. Sounds like a fixable bug.

Except how about a random suggestion - why don’t you split your OTA signal and send one to the Tablo and the other straight to your HDTV? This way when you watch live TV you can change channels a lot quicker. The tuners in the HDTVs are usually great.

I would try to verify that the hard drive is recognized by the Tablo.  Without a working hard drive, only one tuner works.

I also have the 2 tuner model and did a test last night… was able to watch two live shows at the same time from two different Rokus

@snowcat - winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks for the input, I have another thread posted up on here about not being able to diagnose why my USB HD isn’t being recognized.  So that would make sense if there’s no HD that only one channel is being played out.  Thanks for the heads up.


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Glad to help!