Would this work?

Dish / DirecTV receiver or VCR. Has analog out, channel 3 or 4 not digital.

Could this be fed to a tablo either stand-alone or (preferably) combined with an antenna using a combined (like what dish used to use)?

I realize that guide wont show for analog signal, but is tablo able to see it? What would file name be?

I have a bunch (100+) vhs tapes I have started recording to DVD. Ultimate goal is to compress and store on portable hard disk. Currently, total time is sum of duplication to DVD, then rip from DVD to mpeg, then compress with same codec that tabloripper uses. SW A New Hope took over 4 hours to complete. If I can use the Tablo, would be faster and I wont be wasting DVDs (dubber doesn’t do rewritable media at all).


It would not work. There isn’t a broadcast channel for the Tablo to tune to capture these videos.


I don’t think it’s practical. The quality of the VHS tapes just isn’t there.

Couldn’t use the tablo though.

It could be fun to experiment.

You could use the NERO program or similar to convert the analog output.

Then burn the file to a DVD or place the files on a plex server. to view.


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@snowcat The tablo wont be able to see channel 3 or 4? It is a broadcast channel, but analog.

@cthompgh I doubt if picture would be that bad. True, it is coming from VHS, tapes are all in great condition. Been stored well. Not sure how Nero would capture the analog output, I don’t have a seperate capture card like that. But that idea is what got me thinking about the tablo.

With size of this project, if tablo wont work then will probably go ahead and buy a capture device. Would have been sweet to have 4 vcr set to play at 2 hour intervals, and tablo manually set to record start and stop at corresponding times. Wouldn’t have to babysit as often and could do 3 or 4 tapes each night.

If your vision were possible, tablo has an ATSC receiver, you channel is the defunct NTSC standard I understand.

Tablo turner is digital ATSC only.

You can buy a USB capture dongle for $30 or so. That’s going to be your best bet.