Would optimizing the pages help speed?

I used to do web development, I used to create sites, pages, etc. and still do manage a very large automotive-related forum but I’ve not been into the more modern things as far as web in the last few years. Last thing I did was a survey page and forms for work, a few fun things in ASP…

But I have a question for the folks currently in the know on web development…

I have NOT looked at the code, but did do an audit - and if this is accurate, without my looking, perhaps some tweaking here and there…

Is this for the web app?

@TabloTV - yes. 

I need to look at the code directly, myself, and run through some other actual tests to see if the issues truly exist and persist. I’ve a battery of tests I run on web pages at work to ensure standards and optimized code. 

This may be nothing at all, but it sure caught my eye. 

@ShadowsPapa -

Ran this past our web dev team and they said that any changes based on this type of thing would be in the ‘microsecond’ range and only on initial page load for the ‘home’ page. 

No reason to doubt them really. 

I may take a look out of curiosity simply because that’s how I am, but the initial page isn’t really a question.
I have found that at times with some browsers, things out of order or tags not closed or closed out of order, DIVs and paragraphs inside of things out of order can cause those browsers to choke. 
I’ve found that some things may work great in IE and Chrome but choke in Opera or some crazy thing. 
That’s why I run my pages through audits and checks to see that they meet standards. 
And of course here, we must make sure the pages are all ADA compliant, colors and usability, 508, WCAG, etc.

I run things through validator.w3.org and also validate using other means to be sure they are ok with Section 508 compliance.