Would like a manual recording indicator in live Guide. Roku Ultra app

On a Roku Ultra. I recently set up one recurring manual recording. It’s recording now, but in the live guide there is no indication there is a recording set. Even when going into the show itself there is an option to Record Episode, however in the Recordings area the show indicates it’s Recording Now. Scheduled recordings, not manual, indicate with an amber line or bar that spans the show time slot. It would be helpful to have a line or bar span a manual recording time slot. Perhaps purple to match the manual recording purple indicator in other areas of the app. Thanks

If you have the option to record the episode sounds like you have a subscription, why use manual recordings?

Because I record the PBS NewsHour at 7:00-8:00 p.m. ET. The show is not flagged as New so a scheduled recording has to be set to ALL. When using the ALL setting, it also records the NewsHour later in the night which conflicts with my Dual Lite’s recording of two “…late night with…” shows.

And yes, I do subscribe to the 14-day schedule. Forgot to mention that. Thanks!

Manual recordings are not set to any particular show they record a specific time. So there won’t be any indication on any show.

There should be some indication in the grid.

Even though a manual recording is set to a time slot instead of a show, it would still be helpful to have a time slot recording indicator in the Live Guide.

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