World Series recording was completely bust

I had game six set to record on my tablo-4 but when I went to play it, it was garbled, and couldn’t be watched. It wouldn’t let me skip ahead either.

I was able to watch other recording while this was going on, and was able to watch live tv, but not the channel that had the game on.

I’m recording at max quality settings, and I’m on fw version 2.2.10 (still). Also note that there were two channels recording during this time, and that this was consistent with the iPhone and the webOS 3 app, as well as the web interface, I as I recall, so it is probably a device issue.

Sadly, I deleted the recording while trying to get it working, so there is no longer anything to look at, but I’m set up to record game 7, and hopefully won’t have a repro of the bug.

Do you have weak signal on the channel with the world series?

What is your hard drive you’re using?

If other shows recorded at the exact same time just fine then it make be a signal issue on that one channel.

Nope, 5 green dots.

And I’ve gotten other recordings on that channel just fine. I got the wd drive that was recommended on the page the listed recommended drives. (Model number notl handy at the moment).

And game seven recorded and was watchable.

My Tablo crashed near the end of game seven - I hadn’t seen it crash in a long time.

I did a guide update from another device mid game as the guide didn’t say I was watching game 7 - had some movie listed instead. It seems to have crashed at the time the ‘movie’ was scheduled to end, but the game went into overtime.

Also had the game recording, but when I issued instruction to record it was still a ‘movie’. Maybe tablo doesn’t like having the guide info/program time change mid-recording.

game 7 for me stopped recording about the time the tarp came out. really sucks.