World Series Game 7 Tonight?

For some reason, I am unable to find the World Series on any channel tonight. I’ve looked on the Fox line up tonight, but it just lists regular programming. I’ve also searched under the Guide for anything with World Series, MLB, or baseball in its name to no avail. I want to record this game but since I can’t find it listed anywhere, I don’t know how I can do that. Help! I’ve been waiting too long to see the Cubs finally win this - I can’t miss it!

Thanks in advance for any help on this!
-Cubs fan in distress

Same for me.
I looked up my local Fox station, KCBA, and found it’s broadcasting the game at 4PM PDT, so I set up a manual 4 hour recording timer on that channel beginning at 4PM PDT.

Scratch that.
Just realized one of the games already went over 4 hours.
Resetting manual recording timer for 5 hours.
Thank goodness for fast forward. :wink:

When I fired up my tablet this morning (Chrome on Windows 10) it was initially showing the regular broadcast schedule, but after it finished syncing, showed the 7th game of the World Series on the Fox broadcast network at 5:00 PM PDT.

Thank you so much! I didn’t know I could manually set a recording. That did the trick - I think I’m covered. :smile:

Dammit, the pre-game stuff is from 4PM - 5PM PDT.
Have to reset my freaky deaky manual recording timer, again.

When I went to turn to to the game tablo could not tune to it. Was getting a low signal error. All other channels were working as normal. I did a rescan of my channels & for some reason my fox channel now shows up in 480i when it is supposed to be & was before 720p. I just watched game 6 last night in HD & tonight I am watching in SD.

Anyone know what is up?

I just got a hold of my local station & it is their issue that they are aware of & working on.

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Weird. Mine is playing fine, but just still doesn’t show on the schedule. Hopefully they get is sorted out for you!

It was an overnight update, so if you didn’t get the overnight download, that could explain it.

I am glad I set a manual recording for 5 hours last night. Even then, I missed the trophy presentation.

I couldn’t stay up that late, but I was happy to watch those last few innings this morning on my Tablo. Congrats to the Cubs!

Guide updates for ‘as needed’ games in sports playoffs come directly from the affiliates. Some of them do this, but some of them don’t bother unfortunately.

Plus, as @lkahhan pointed out, your Tablo will need to be connected to the web overnight to get that update.

You can check to see when your guide was last updated in the settings screen.