Won't play past 38 minutes

I have a 4 tuner tablo with the latest firmware. Three times so far I have had recordings stop at 38 minutes on playback on the Roku app. When I look at the recording it says it recorded the whole hour. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Were they all set to record at the same time, eg. all started on Mon at 8pm? There could have been a signal strength glitch or problem writing to the hard drive if it happened at the same time.

I have had something similar happen in that on a couple of occasions I have had a couple of shows that are broken up into two segments. Both shows were recording at the same time and both have two segments. The segments can either be the same length or different if the shows started at different times but adding the first segment length to the start time for both shows it is obvious the breaks happened at the same point in time. There was obviously something that affected all shows being recorded at that point.

Iā€™m not sure of the cause of the glitch but it has happened twice now within 1-2 weeks.

Can you play past 38 minutes on another playback device? Say a computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet?

In the end, I used TabloRipper to pull it down to my computer. The file was only 38 minutes long. Strange that the Tablo metadata still says it is the normal 65 minutes. This has happened a few times and it is always 38 minutes.

So to answer your question, no, I could not play past the 38 minutes.

I would have Tablo look at your logs for that recording, do not delete it. Likely some HDD failure or signal error that resulted in the short recording.

Thanks for your help. How do I do that? Help desk case of some sort?

Actually this recording is old. I will wait to see if it happens again since the firmware upgraded to 2.2.10.


Help from Tablo. Fill out a request here


Thank you!! I submitted one to see what they say.

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