WNYO Converting to ATSC 3.0 on March 18. Rescan for ATSC 1.0 signal

WNYO Buffalo is converting to ATSC 3.0 on March 18. To continue receiving the 1.0 signal, rescan.

As per Humbar on www.digitalhome.ca :canada:

WNYO made their next gen filing, these will be their ATSC 1.0 simulcasts:
49.1 MyNetworkTV will be on WUTV’s RF 32 signal
49.2 Stadium will be on WKBW’s RF 34 signal
49.3 Comet will be on WGRZ’s RF 33 signal
49.4 GetTV will be on WNLO’s RF 36 signal

Now all you need is a ATSC 3.0 tuner and a device that can play AC-4 sound.

I guess somebody has to be first. But I wouldn’t want to be that one as nobody can use your ATSC 3.0 signal.

Of course having MyTV in HD (and now presumably 4K), maybe not a bad deal, but is the content worthy?

Would not bet on that. The only programming likely to be in 4K on 3.0 broadcasts would be things like the SuperBowl or the Olympics (if they happen) at first.

Then… it really makes zero sense. I’d go to ATSC 3.0 kicking and screaming… as a broadcaster.

ATSC 3.0 is optional. No one is forcing broadcasters to embrace ATSC 3.0

Maybe ATSC 3.0 allows other services to be offered as part of a ATSC 3.0 business model.

I have a quad tuner that’s been reliable for years now. It can’t handle ATSC 3.0? A bios upgrade won’t help? Any idea when Tablo models will be able to handle it?

ATSC 1.0 is radically different from ATSC 3.0. Thus, no existing TV, tuner, etc. is upgradable.

That’s sort of my point. Unless we’re to the point to throwing out all our tuners and upgrading everything… when we’re all at that point, then ATSC 3.0 makes sense. So, I still see this as being 5 years down the road.

Obviously, there will be the early adopters. And based on what they say, it might create a bigger following. One thing of interest is apparent better reception. That could be a very big thing for some.

There are benefits to the broadcasters once it’s up and running. They can better spy on us and it allows them to potentially sell data services to other businesses.

Not only will you have to upgrade your DVR…but more than likely you will have to upgrade your streaming devices - as most do not support AC4 audio. I have 3 Roku Ultras (2017-2019 models), 2 Streaming Stick Plus and a FireTV Cube, none of them support AC4 audio.

Currently with my HDHomerun tuner, I can watch (with sound) only on my XBox One and my computer.

But even then, when your city is “live”, it may only be in test mode (like Austin, TX is - with one channel showing on TV now), and it will probably be the same HD broadcast (with AC4 audio). No 4K shows have been broadcast yet.

It will probably be 3-5 years before widespread adoption of ATSC 3.0. My HDhomerun is a “gadget” at this point, I only use it to view the signal qualities of stations, and do channel scans (it is quicker than doing it on the TVs). Currently, only the SiliconDust DVR system supports ATSC 3.0 broadcasts (Plex and others do not).

It is not “prime-time” as of yet. I am sure that Tablo is following what is going on - but to release something now will just create a firestorm of technical support issues…and not worthwhile to most users…

Well almost all Roku devices do not support AC3 audio, that is they cannot decode the audio format. The Roku devices passthrough the AC3 audio over the HDMI cable to your HDTV which can decode it. This is how the HDTV also decodes the AC3 audio in the ATSC 1.0 stream.

So likely new HDTVs with new tuners that support ATSC 3.0 will be able to natively decode AC4 audio and thus your playback device won’t need to be able to decode it either. The question is can these devices passthrough AC4 audio, that I’m not sure.

Actually according to the link below the newer Roku units can passthrough AC4 audio so you actually might not have to upgrade your playback device if there was a Tablo that recorded ATSC 3.0. You just need a new HDTV that can decode the audio.

The newest version of the Roku Ultra “supports” AC4 audio. With my HDhomerun, I can watch the ATSC 3.0 channels on my Roku Ultras and Streaming Stick Plus, but only video - no audio comes through.

Supposedly, they are working on an update for the FireTV Cube, but nothing yet.

It is an issue with the codecs on the devices - possibly Roku could update them - nothing is planned short term. Microsoft does support them.

My point was more about there are many issues right now, there isn’t a plug and play setup that works with most devices, and until the streaming devices adapt, the DVRs adapt and the broadcasting stations get their stuff together (yes, there are even channels that don’t work right currently), it isn’t a wise investment in time.

This is why all of my recordings go to Tablo currently, and I have no immediate plans to change that… Until it works on a majority of my streaming devices AND DVR software - I will not upgrade.

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