With new update clearing cache not working?

with the new update 2.2.40 it seem that i am unable to clear cache there use to be a spinning circle now when i try to clear cache nothing happens anyone else notice this? thanks

Hi @kajak, can you just confirm for us exactly what you mean? Are you saying that before 2.2.40, you got a spinning circle when clicking the ‘Clear User Interface Data’ button, and now after the update, you see nothing when clicking it?

To be clear, the button is not supposed to give any feedback or spinning circle, so if you click it and see nothing, that’s fully intended. There were fixes in 2.2.40 that resolved some issues with users seeing the spinning circle in various places, so this likely was a result of that.

thank you for your response yes before update when i would clear cache saw a spinning circle and tablo would not let me do anything till circle was gone now when i click on to clear nothing seems to happen i have the quad 4 hdmi tablo so then i guess even though i click to clear now and see nothing it is clearing cache thanks