With latest Tablo firmware you MAY need the latest apk for FTV stick

I ran the update for the Tablo firmware last week. After a hiccup on the download, it finished up fine and resolved 2 of my issues with Chrome and Chromecase. I had been so busy checking out that stuff and being very sick (sinus and throat infection now down in lungs) I didn’t do much with my Fire TV stick. I tried once or twice last week and it just sat on “loading”.

Today, unable to fall alseep, I decided to do some busy-work and bore myself to sleep. I tried the Fire TV stick again. since the Tablo firmware update it simply says “loading” and will sit that way for however long you let it before aborting.
I tried everything, I cleared data, cleared cache, forcefully stopped the app, you name it. 
Finally I removed the app entirely and side-loaded a newer version of the apk onto the FTV stick.
Problem resolved! Tablo released the Android APK days prior to the new Tablo firmware so I assume they intended the two to go together, but that’s an assumption. 

In any case, if you are running an Amazon Fire TV stick and it no longer works well after the Tablo firmware update, you may wish to try this:

remove the apk you had sideloaded previously and redo with   com.nuvyyo.TabloCordova-10086.apk

I had been using   com.nuvyyo.TabloCordova-10085.apk    prior to the Tablo firmware update. That’s the one that stopped working after the update to Tablo.

Obviously it’s still not officially supported to do this, and the bookmark or save place you last left off when viewing a recorded show still won’t function, but what the hey - it works well even with that little thing.