Wireless connections no longer work

I just bought a Tablo 4 tuner box connected via wired ethernet. I have a new recommended 1GB HDD connected. I have 4 tvs connected and the setup was fairly painless. All was working fine. Live TV, recordings, etc. Three of the TVs are wired to the network, one is wireless connected. All were setup and connected to the Tablo just fine for about 2 days.

Now, only the wired TVs work and the wireless one does not find the tablo. Testing my phone, it says connecting, and brings up the show art, but does not actually connect. I have rebooted both the Tablo and the router. My basic wireless is working just fine, as is my home network. It just seems Tablo no longer wants to play ball with wireless devices.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Do I have to go through the setup process again?

Also - I have wireless repeaters on all my floors including where the Tablo is so the wireless signal is very strong there

So is the Tablo connected to your router via Ethernet aka hard wired? Or is it Connect via WiFi?

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Your router may have assigned a new IP address to your Tablo. Try disconnecting all wireless devices from the Tablo then rescan to refresh the programming cache and IP address of the Tablo.

You might have better performance if you set a reserved address for your Tablo within the DHCP range to prevent the Tablo IP address from ever changing again. Use the current IP address of the Tablo when you set the reserved IP address.

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I use DHCP reservations for all my devices (Tablo and what I view on) and set the DHCP lease time to be for 24 hours (need to convert it to seconds).

Are you using DHCP reservations?

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Thanks to everyone for the quick responses. This is a fantastic and helpful community. It was setup wired and working wired. It turns out the cat5 ethernet jack I was using was heretofore unused, and apparently when I plugged in, it worked periodically, but it was a cat5 jack issue, and now that I moved it to another jack, it works flawlessly. I have assigned the Tablo (and some other things) static leases on the router as well with success

Thanks again for the responses.