Windows Universal App

With the announcement of Windows 10 the other day and Universal Apps,  I think it would really benefit Tablo to work on a Windows Universal App.  One app would cover Windows PC, Tablets, Phones and Xbox One, which a lot of people have been asking about in the community.  This would be a huge win in my opinion.  Granted Windows Phone is not as popular, but once you make the PC one, it will work on phone.  But Xbox is popular.  I know there is a Plex App for Xbox and you can access Tablo that way, and while very handy at times, it is not the best way. 


Great idea but Roku, Fire TV, Android, Apple products will take precedents from everyone’s mass of requests. This will likely be a wait.

Would really love to see this but considering they haven’t even gotten it working with internet explorer yet I would not hold my breath for this app.

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Well, since IE is going to sleep with the fishies it may be easier than ever before.

The lovely folks at Microsoft stopped by to chat with us at CES so the dialogue is open now. There’s a long road ahead to make this happen though. 

We do realize that a LOT of cordcutters rely on their XBOX as their media center. Plus there’s lots of users who’ve been patiently waiting to use Tablo on their various other Windows devices so it would make sense for us to move in this direction. 

Well, since IE is going to sleep with the fishies it may be easier than ever before.

THAT will be interesting since bits of IE are so tightly integrated into their OS that it’s near impossible to divorce them. It’s really fun to stream IE into a VM Windows system.

The IE version 10 came in as a security patch and not an application update. It’s not in the add-remove programs and it’s not installed as a normal upgrade over 9. It’s listed under windows patches and has to be detected as you detect patch installations and not as you detect installed applications. IE 10 was a security patch, not an application. 
Microsoft may be wording it as such but they’ve still got us covered. IE was gaining ground security-wise and actually held the lead as far as browsers with the fewest vulnerabilities when compared to the others. Non-IE browsers, hate IE as much as you wish, this is fact, had more vulnerabilities than IE itself did for a while.

I am not sure if IE is going away.  They are making a new browser app code named Spartan for use on phones and tablets and PCs for "tablet" mode if you will.  But for desktop I think IE will still be there.

That is great news that Tablo is considering this.  The universal app concept should make it much easier to develop one app to hit 4 different devices.

Yeah, so what’s up with that anyway? It’s like the Tablo is anti-Microsoft or something and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Microsoft Sys Admin either. Why close the door on all the Microsoft products? Do you really think someone is going to want to install Chrome on their new Surface 4 just so they can hit their Tablo? Did we not learn anything from RIM?

M$ is evil.

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My wife just installed Chrome on on brand new Surface Pro 4 so that she could hit her Tablo.

Choose your poison I guess - Security or Privacy.

I just want the App. If you have that you don’t need the Browser.

Do we have a time line on a Windows UWP? HD HomeRun already has this.

HD HomeRun now has a native Windows 10 Mobile app and it also supports Holo Lens. How cool would that be to watch a live Football game on that! :slight_smile: or watch the news while you cook dinner. Way cool!.

So does Tablo have any plans to support what HD HomeRun is currently supporting today? I might switch back to my HD Home Run, if not.

I’ll add another request here for an Xbox One app, especially since Silicon Dust just released theirs.


Adding another call for a native Windows universal app. Please convert your iPad app using project islandwood.

It doesn’t help either that Edge isn’t supported with the web app, even though it is an extremely standards compliant browser, can’t understand why same code used from Chrome wouldn’t work unless Tablo is using a bunch of non-standard proprietary APIs

Was able to watch my Tablo (Live TV) on my Hololens through the Edge browser. Worked pretty well but a native Win 10/Hololens app would be fantastic. I also use Windows 10 Mobile, so a Universal App would be appreciated.

I recently joined the Tablo movement, very awesome product. I would like to see a native Windows app that works in Windows 8 and 10.



+1 Vote for a native Windows app.

@ducati - FYI - Our Xbox app can also run on Windows 10.

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