Windows Tablo TV app volume control issue

This could be an old existing issue. I have the legacy 4 tuner Tablo (the square shaped one) and use Tablo TV app on Win 10.
The volume bar in the app doesn’t work at all, nor does the windows volume bar.
Is there any solution or alternative way of volume control?

I don’t have a problem with the volume control in the Windows Tablo app.

Have you tried with the window not maximized?

Another way to control the volume is with the Up and Down cursor arrows.

Laptop hooked up with TV using HDMI, and that’s when Tablo app volume control not working. Even the windows own volume bar doesnt control tablo’s volume. No matter where you drag the bar to, the sound is either 100% or mute. But other software volume control works fine.

Did you check your hearing aid controls?

Only joking…

Have you tried doing a shutdown/reboot of you PC?

I don’t have a legacy Tablo but You might want to try clearing the cache on win 10 for Tablo.

You may be out of luck. I believe volume control is relinquished to the end device receiving the HDMI output of your laptop either a TV or an A/V receiver.

I connected my laptop to my A/V receiver and the only volume control I had on my laptop was to mute the audio. No volume increase or decrease would work. The only way I could control the volume was with my A/V receiver.

This is really weird…do you know if they released any new version and fixed the issue?