Windows Phone... What you can do in a pinch

So yesterday I was at the rink in between hockey games and realized I had forgotten to set record for the Bengals game.  I know form experience that my Windows Phone can’t play anything from the tablo via embedded IE, but it can open a lot of the menus.  So, I thought I would give scheduling a whirl.  I was able to navigate to the Sports section, Click on NFL football, and click the game I wanted to record.  When I hit record nothing happened.  There was just a permanent thinking loop on the screen.  I went out and came back in, and there was no visual cue that the record request had been received.  However, when I got home, the game was taped.  So, if you have a windows phone, and patience, you can in an emergency (term used loosely here) set a show to record via the web app.

Besides my Android HTC M8 I also own an HTC 8X Windows Phone and yes, I have noticed some of the menus work, I wonder when Tablo will make it fully compatible, hopes not too high lol

Native app I’m sure is way way out of the question, but if they ever get compatible with IE…

@jbanks A few folks have recently reported that it’s working well on PC - give it a shot on your Windows Phone.