Windows 11 Tablo APP text is way too small!


I have the latest Windows video drivers installed. My text size is 125 % instead of default 100%. my screen settings are 3840X2160. my default screen scaling is 150%.

I can see all my apps fine except Tablo is way smaller than the rest of the other apps. It was not like this before. It seems to get smaller and smaller with each driver update. I’m using an Asus 3060TI card.

Can someone look at the issue and find a fix please?


Does the size change when moving the mouse wheel/roller while holding down Ctl?

Try ctl/+ and ctl/- too (ctl/0 returns to default)


Hi mbellaire,
I never thought of trying the scroll option. I only thought it applied to Office.
Works like a charm and keeps setting.

Thanks for the help :blush: