Windows 10 computer will not connect to tablo

My computer, which was Windows 8.1, connected fine with the tablo, played live tv, recordings, etc, just like it’s supposed to. After the upgrade to windows 10, not so much. It gets to the connecting screen, acts like it’s going to connect, then returns to the tablo ‘login’ screen and does nothing. It’s not the tablo, because I can connect to it with any of my Roku 3’s, my phones (android) or laptop (windows 8.1). When this originally happened (several months ago), I was working with Tablo tech support about what was happening, sent logs from my browser, etc., but now have heard nothing and the latest update to the Tablo (2.2.6) changed nothing. I’ve tried every browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Edge), all having the same result. I even shut down my firewall and antivirus, no change. Has anyone seen this as well, and, if so, had any luck fixing it?

@weeden1949 - This is pretty basic but have you tried SHIFT+Refresh and/or clearing your cache?

I am running Windows 10 and accessing my Tablo using the web app on Google Chrome


@TabloScott - Can you try accessing it via

@TabloTV - Yes, I have no problems connecting to either or using Chrome on my Windows 10 system. They both work fine for me.

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Well, I tried the SHIFT+Refresh, no change.

I tried connecting through, no change.

There appears to be an issue of some sort with “SOME” of the windows 10 installations and the tablos. The dumb part is that my laptop (win7) and ALL of my android phones/whatever all connect to the tablo through the wireless (or wired, in the case of the laptops) with no problem. So it HAS to be associated with the Win10 on this computer. And, of course, this is the one with the fastest processor and vid card and largest monitor in the house. Go figure.

A friend of mine had a laptop and a desktop computer (both had win 8 i think) which he upgraded to Win10 just like I did, and his desktop works fine with his tablo, his laptop does exactly what my computer does…NOT connect. Odds must be about 50/50 on whether it’ll connect to the tablo AFTER upgrading to Win 10.

Thanks everyone for the comments & suggestions, please keep’em coming and I’ll keep trying until it either works or I reformat…(WAY not preferred).

@weeden1949 - We’ve confirmed Windows 10 works here in the office so there’s something specific about your setup.

You mentioned the shift refresh but did you try clearing your cache?

If that doesn’t work, can you send some new logs to the support team? We’d like to see the latest so we’re working on the correct problem.

I tried clearing the cache, but no luck, same result.

I’m not so sure the issue is specific to the browser(s) (although they might be able to point to what the problem really is) since NONE of the browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome or Firefox) can connect, and all indicate a failure to connect to the tablo. It’s somehow related to something in Windows 10 I think, because I’ve even shutoff my firewall (Vipre) and saw no difference. My windows 7 laptop has Vipre, and connects to Tablo just fine. If you want me to send you the logs, let me know (and remind me how to get what you want… :slight_smile: ). Thanks.

I don’t know if my problem is the same, but I have Windows XP, and after updating to 2.2.6, my Tablo initially worked for a day, then yesterday I can’t connect on XP using Chrome (either with home network, nor using the Tablo_xxx wireless will connect).

My Roku and phone (Galaxy S6) can’t connect either. I just get the “Connecting…” message, and eventually it returns with a can’t connect message. Cleared browser cache and restarted. Phone install of Tablo app is clean.

Roku actually looks like it connects, but the message on the Tablo Beta app is that I need to set up the Tablo at The released Tablo app allows the main categories to be selected, but nothing happens (no recordings show up, no live TV).

@weeden1949 & @Cordcutter_From_VA - You should both touch base with the support team:

I’ve tried these troubleshooting ideas as well and I still can’t connect to my Tablo either.