Windows 10 blocking Tablo Ripper from loading

I use Tablo Ripper once a week to transfer shows to my PLEX system which is where I watch them. Today Windows told me it had prevented the unknown publisher program from running. I clicked run anyway and… it runs minimized? I can’t use it as a little blank box! Are there any other ways to pull shows off my Tablo? I just got my Tablo earlier this year and so far I’m really wanting to run screaming for the door after perhaps smashing the thing into a million tiny parts with a large sledge hammer. If the Tablo itself is working Tablo Ripper isn’t working and if Tablo Ripper is working then the Tablo unit itself won’t work until I unplug it and park it in my chest freezer in the basement for half an hour and then hook it up again. There has to be a better way to record shows off my antenna! My old VCR is looking better and better! If only I could still find VHS tapes for it!

You will want to post in this thread so the Tablo Ripper developer is notified. Tablo Ripper is no longer actively being developed but that’s your best shot.

Having said that, I have Tablo Ripper installed and have used it in the past and I’m NOT seeing the issue you are seeing as I can run it and it opens normally. Are you sure the pop-up you encountered was for Tablo Ripper?

And as a workaround while you are troubleshooting the issue, I also use TabloTools and it has the ability to export shows as well so you give it a try in the meantime.

Then there’s considering a non-Wondows OS …just say`n :penguin:

Fair point, I was just pointing out another Windows tool that is fairly similar in design and usage.

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I wasn’t thinking it… but yea, your suggestion runs on multiple platforms - including Windows.

I understand Tablo Ripper to be excellent tool for many! I also think it uses .NET Framework, which is less and less supported :frowning:

How can penguin’s code?
Nevermind… beak.

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I think @Nilex is right, you’ve got something else going on with windows. Try uninstalling TabloRipper, then download/install a new copy from the website.

Also make sure your windows is up to date (using windows update).