Windows 10 App Not Working

I installed the new XBOX One app and the Windows 10 Tablo app from the Windows Store, the XBOX One app worked immediately found Tablo and connected, so do my two SONY TV’s. But the Tablo app from the Windows Store launches and immediately says “No Tablo was found on your network”. When I launch Google Chrome on the same computer and go to it connects to my Tablo with no issue.

To troubleshoot I disabled my Windows Firewall completely and tried again, but still same issue, the app cannot find my Tablo, I have re-installed the app twice, re-booted the Tablo all to no avail, all other apps and methods work fine again including chrome on the same computer?

Any ideas?

I have to admit that I wasn’t aware Tablo had an app available in the Windows 10 app store, so I installed it this morning on an old laptop (will try my Win 10 tablet later) to give it a try.

It actually works really well, finding and connecting to the Tablo, syncing virtually immediately (compared with the Chrome we browser, which can take several minutes for me) and allowing me to select a live channel and watch it, with the usual delay.

Sounds like you did all the right things to try getting it to work. Just wanted to let you know that there doesn’t appear to be an issue with the app itself.

One thought, is your Tablo on Ethernet or wi-fi? Early on, I did see connectivity issues when Tablo was on wi-fi, and since moving it to an Ethernet connection, I haven’t had an issue.

Mine is on Ethernet.

Just checked on my Windows 10 tablet and it works there as well.

You might try a router reboot… also, do you have a fixed IP address for Tablo? Many/some routers allow address reservation based on MAC address.

Done a re-boot and yes the Table has a static IP, my quess there is a security setting on the PC blocking the app, other than the firewall, but I don’t know for sure, and I am not sure what to check as I do not know where it derives its security settings from.

Hey, neat. I didn’t realize this worked on Windows! A native app! Whoo!

Unfortunately it looks like the Windows app doesn’t (yet?) support Remote Access. It just hangs at “Connecting” forever. I have to tunnel through my VPN at home to stream video remotely. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use the browser apps anymore, but not yet I guess.

Also, it looks (to me at least) like there is no way to get rid of the white title bar at the top of the screen when playing in “full screen”. That greatly diminishes the full-screen experience.

Can’t find any add-on out there that will remove the Win10 App title bar, but based on some quick reading it does seem the Tablo programmer could custom color it black or otherwise minimize its intrusiveness with some custom code.

Any counter-experience or solution?

Did you hit F11 function key on your keyboard? I use Chromium in Linux with the “Leanback Mode” enabled and I get a full screen.

Thanks. I am talking about the Win10 App, not the in-browser - it’s exactly that F11 behavior that I wish it had. But Win10 apps seem to have the always-on (even in full screen mode) title bar as a “feature”. As noted, from what I can tell, coders can mitigate this by turning the bar to a custom color (in this case black would seem appropriate rather than the default white), but I don’t think they can get rid of it (even when the screen is set to “full screen”). It really mars the lean back experience on a big laptop, distracting from the video picture.

One workaround that seems to address the title bar issue is to switch to “Tablet mode” in the quick toggles in the notification area. Works on my PC anyway.

Tablet mode does indeed solve the title bar problem - thanks! (Tablo community and smurph solving what doesn’t show up in Win10 boards…)


I installed the app on my windows 10 PC and it crashes immediately after opening it.

I’ve installed the app on one of my computers and it works well. I was initially disappointed with the title bar showing at the top but the “Tablet Mode” tip has solved that!

Great job!

Playing around with the app, I do see a shortcoming in that it doesn’t provide as much information as the web browser, or the Android or Roku apps. Just noticed that clicking on a Sunday NFL game that it doesn’t indicate which teams are playing.

Agreed, I noticed that last night when watching some recorded TV series episodes. There were no episode descriptions but when I used the Chrome browser to access Tablo the same episodes had descriptions in the Recordings section.