Windows 10 app does not have same functionality as web app?

Opening the Tablo web app in my Chrome browser today, I got a message


I duly downloaded the “new” (and not improved) web app and I noticed two missing features.

  1. There is no “recent” recordings feature.

  2. The “premiering” section for new TV shows is also missing.

Oh, and I also noticed that this step-child of an app does not have it’s won section here on the Tablo TV community.

Side question, would I have to keep checking for an updated app or does Windows web apps update automatically similar to Android apps?

Nuvyyo is working on updating the Windows 10 Tablo app. It should be released sometime this fall. Hopefully, they’ll add the missing features.

I believe the app is updated automatically but there will definitely be an announcement when the updated version is release.

Awesome, thanks you!

They have confirmed the additional filters like “recent” should be in the new version released this fall.

thanks for the awesome information.