Windows 10 app crashes

Hello, for at least a week now. I get random crashes on the windows 10 app. Where do you report these issues?
Tablo update: 2.2.38
HTML app: 1.9.9 build 227 [202107161457]
Host App: 1.909.227

I am using the Windows 10 app with no issues. The only difference in our configurations is my Tablo is on the 2.2.39 firmware.

Hi @neotex,

What kind of crashes do you mean? Does the entire app simply quit on its own, needing to be reopened?

As well, can you recall what you were doing at the time these crashes occurred?


I closed completely the app (Quit). The last time it happened if I remember, i just clicked on play on a recorded show.
Also after another crash the other day, when i tried to reopen the app it didnt reach anything, just the turning wheel saying connecting but nothing for a long time. I tried on my roku devices and it was working fine at that same time. I had to reboot my pc to make it work.

I have seen this occur too usually on weaker recordings that it doesn’t handle well. I know they working on completely new Win10 app. Hopefully that will work better.