Win 10 App - Browser vs. App Lag

I have 2 Windows computers in my home. 1 computer runs the Tablo app just fine. The 2nd computer runs the web browser app fine, but the Tablo app is laggy and jumpy.

Here is a video comparison of the 2 running on my problem computer simultaneously. The web browser is on the left and the Tablo app is on the right.

I’d LOVE to know what it takes to make the Tablo app run smoothly on my Win 10 machine.

Win 10 specs below

Regardless of how powerful the system appears: how is it connected to the network?

What “security” or how much anti-stuff do you have running in the background? How may layers between the network and the application? …for your protection?

Confirm - you do have the current version of the tablo app.

If you happen to have Firefox installed, how does the system perform via the web app? (for comparison)

you might have chosen a clip with more continuations activity :thinking:

Gig-E Wired Network - Tablo → Gig-E wired; PC → Gig-E Wired; Speed test to internet 900Mbs/up/down (FIOS)

MS AV; nothing else going on.

Current version of Tablo app; updated from the MS App store.

The web app on the left screen was streaming perfectly.

Here’s another video with more action: iCloud

Web app running perfectly on the left screen; Tablo App running on the right screen.

It’s a lot clearer if you download the mp4 file and watch it from your local computer; the streaming version is a bit unclear…

That’s sad, just enough to be annoying… not quite enough to be obvious.

Pretty much covered the basics. It’s not a network buffering issues. Supposedly noting in the background slowing or dragging the system. Nothing wrong with video or tablo. Your title suggest video played on this system “just fine” with the web app via browser?

Hopefully one the the seasoned experts… maybe even a serious Windows user has some trouble shooting suggestions. That’s got to be irritating :frowning_face:

The really irritating problem is this happens on only 1 of my 2 Windows computers… If it were both, then I’d think there might be a root cause somewhere else - but when 1 works perfectly and the other doesn’t; makes me look towards some kind of Tablo software app issue…

Oohh, I was just watch the video - interpreted the title “then and now”

I see one screen is via browser the other is the app. I thought it was a 1:1 Windows to Windows comparison.

For comparison, how does the “system on the right” playback look via browser - ie) Firefox?

that’s pinpointing your system :thinking: Unless it’s reproducible for multiple users they’re not going to easily accept that. But yes there’s always

I have filed a Tablo Support ticket - but have heard nothing back…

I can stream Tablo perfectly with Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge on both Windows computers - no lag, buffering or any issues whatsoever.

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