Will You Subscribe to Commercial Skip?

There really is no ‘minimum’ requirement for buy-in. Since it’s a per Tablo fee, each person is paying to keep their portion of the infrastructure running, maintained, and improved.

So if only 10 customers subscribe you can/will keep the feature running? So each person is paying $20 for a year of cloud storage/processing?

Sorry. :frowning: The cloud infrastructure that runs the feature is paid for in USD so we had to add a bit of a buffer to account for fluctuating exchange rates.

If it makes you feel better at all (which I’m sure it doesn’t because it always sucks to pay more for stuff as a Canadian) you should be paying $6.49 CAD for monthly guide data service at today’s exchange rate but we only charge $5.99 CAD. So you’re saving some cash on that side of the fence.

That seems pretty low! For context, we’re still keeping the lights on for Cloud DVR Service which I would argue is a lot less cool than Automatic Commercial Skip. It’s not wildly popular, but it’s a super useful service for the folks who want/need it so we’re continuing to work on it.

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…and yet still not allow “night owls” adjust guide update/maintenance mode?

I like it, it’s convenient when it works, it’s the only device I have that does it, and it does it probably 75% of the time…enough so that it’s disproportionately annoying when it DOESN’T work properly…

I mean, other than commercial skip (which I will now have to pay for), my Tablo isn’t bringing that much to MY table that YoutubeTV, Hulu Live, or Sling don’t do now. Your mileage may vary, but another charge on top of the 400+ I already shelled out on Tablo (not including the hardware itself).

So, in all honesty, I probably will buy it for one year, until I decide if I even need the Tablo hooked up any more…

Lobbying for that one too! Or at least to improve the experience so it’s not as jarring when you’re watching Live TV.


No I would not pay for it. Because like others have posted here it does not work 100% not even 90%. If I had to put a percentage on it, it would be somewhere between 50% and 75%. I would not buy anything that only performed like it should 50 to 70% of the time.

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50% exhange rate for Canadian customer.Wow

I agree, though the nightly maintenance has only hit me 2 or 3 times, I am all for it being a customization.

I would even be ok if it was hidden in an “advanced” setting area to reduce the chance of those that don’t need it from messing with it.

And hey, it would help shift the server load on your side as well if some of us were sending Prime Time com skip data at times OTHER than an hour after prime time starts. (And for others, maintenance data at other times as well).

NOOOOOOOOO!!! I don’t want my activity tracked when I’m watching TV. That’s one advantage to using OTA television and locally-stored recordings. Bite your tongue, Robert_Paulsen!

@TabloTV, please NEVER, NEVER, EVER implement anything that tracks my behavior this way.

I can hardly wait until the alarms go off at the NSA when they find out someone in my house recorded “Dr. Ho’s Total Body Relief” and “Relieve your foot pain with Walkfit”.

I guess the Canadian customer are not important or not has profitable for them ( Tablo).
With a average 15 channels we must take less cloud them american with a average of 45 Channels

And it’s a Canadian company lol Maybe merica should get the shaft FX rate

Any chance the new channel skip option will have the options to “wipe channel skips” [since bad CS breaks really degrade a show’s enjoyability] and “recalculate channel skips”? Both options would really improve the service.

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Probably no.

  1. As others have stated the technology is still flawed.
  2. I subscribed to the lifetime subscription and feel any new additions should be grandfathered. I would suspect most people who paid for the lifetime wanted to eliminate another monthly bill. I also understand that there is additional cost for Tablo and understand why commercial skip has been classified as a “premium service”. Not offering this service for a lifetime cost to those with lifetime subscriptions is not fair.

Where do you get the idea Nuvyyo collects NO data as to your activity? If you have a guide data subscription, well you’ve agreed to it -

Compiled Data . Nuvyyo compiles and analyzes usage and performance of the Services (“ Compiled Data ”) and uses Compiled Data to build features and improve the functionality and feature set of the Services. Nuvyyo shall have exclusive ownership of any Compiled Data and the exclusive right to use the same for any purpose, provided that Nuvyyo shall not distribute any Compiled Data in a manner which identifies users.

[https://www.tablotv.com/subscription-agreement/] note: It’s their data, presumably identifies you… unless they distribute it.

If you monitor your network traffic, beyond “locally-stored” there’s a .js from cdn.amplitude.com and api.amplitude.com …an analytic data mining specialists.

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NO. I was told when i signed up that if I had lifetime membership new features would not cost. They tried doing lifetime per device but backed out of that hopefully they will do the same here. Also if this is not fixed and included on lifetime memberships I will look at other competitors when I have to buy a new device for the new OTA signals come out in a few years. If they were worried about the cost should have raised subscription prices and done it as inflation. Lifetime was so I did not have another recurring bill.
As others have said it also takes way to long to get the commercial skip to work. I will miss it but my recommendation to friends will be missed by tablo more.


To my knowledge, they didn’t back down with regards to subscription per device. Merely grandfathered in the very earliest of users so that it doesn’t apply to them (I for one have 2 devices before they made their change, for example).

By using “the cloud” as their implementation answer to commercial skip, they forced an additional cost issue. They don’t own “the cloud”… and since I and my others don’t “have to have” the commercial skip feature, making it an optional add on is sort of nice. That way we can decide.

Perhaps if their solution had come much much earlier (say 4 years ago), they might have been able to roll the cost into their subscription with exemption for lifetime subscribers. What it means is that their established customer base is sufficiently large. So to do what you’re asking doesn’t make the numbers work out well, lest they put the brakes on any growth.

But… we can’t predict the future.

And, it’s quite possible that this all radically changes with ATSC 3.0 (new devices all around).

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You might be right on them only grandfathering in people. I just remember them changing their minds as they originally were not going to do it for anyone.
While you are correct they do not own the cloud they still should not have told people that updates would be included in the lifetime membership. they made a special point when they rolled this out to say it may be an extra charge I believe specifically because they had not charged for upgrades. While I believe their subscription base is large it will continue to grow as people get older and get their own subscription. This they could have raised those and kept people happy that had previously bought the subscription.
As you said with ATSC 3.0 new devices people will be forced to look what is out that may not have looked before.