Will this work without internet?

Will this product work without internet? Will I still see a menu with all the OTA shows? Also set them up to tape in advance? Thanks!

Not very well.
The guide data is downloaded from the internet.
You need a guide subscription, by the way.

You don’t have to have a guide subscription. But you’ll get a lot more out of it with one.

So by not having a guide what is on the screen? Does it show what is on which channels?

It is my understanding that you will still be able to setup Manual recordings (i.e. like you used to do with a VCR).

I know it didn’t used to fallback to using an PSIP data. Pretty sure it still does not.

It depends on what you mean by no internet. If you mean that it will only be connected to internet intermittently (say in an RV), it might be ok. If you mean it will never connect to the internet, then I would not recommend it. The Tablo gets firmware updates 2 to 3 times a year, and those updates are quite important to the device.

It really is designed to be a full internet device, though. You lose a lot if it isn’t connected.

No. It only gets guide data from an internet connection.

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The Tablo does require an internet connection. We go over this in our FAQ’s.

Well here’s the deal. This is for my mom. She has no internet. No type of WiFi network and no cell phone. She is in her 70’s and has been using a DVD recorder to tape shows which no longer works. I’m trying to find an alternative device to simply replace what she once had.

If all she had was a single tuner DVD recorder, then you can replace it with a single tuner OTA recorder. Something like this plus a small hard drive or large flash drive should be fine:

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