Will the Tablo app run on the new Amazon Fire TV Televisions? Yes, but the remote control does not work

This is going to be on sale for Prime Day. Element 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - Amazon Fire TV Edition

Anyone know if the Tablo app will run on it?

It should work just fine. It looks like it has the FireTv system built in, much like the Roku-based TVs have Roku software built in.

@MJL - We haven’t tested the new Fire TV sets specifically, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

So I got the TV today and was able to install the Tablo app with no issues. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that you cannot operate the Tablo device properly with the remote control that comes with the Television.

The problems seems to be with the navigation up/down/left/right in all screens except the live tv guide which will let you navigate.

Once I launched the app and it found my Tablo, I could not select it using the remote. I plugged in a usb keyboard w/mouse pad and was able to select my Tablo and connect.

In a nutshell, the only place the remote works properly is in the TV grid and pause, fast forward and rewind.

The remote will not let you navigate around the app.

Support…please reach out to your Amazon homies and try to fix please!

@MJL - Thanks for the heads-up! We don’t have one in-house to test with yet, but I’ve talked to the dev team and they believe they have a fix that should be ready by next week.

Stay tuned!

Are there any updates on the fix for this issue? I’m seeing the same issue that the remote will not navigate in the app.

Yes! We believe we’ve got a fix for it.

Should be ready shortly.

Great thanks. Looking forward to the update.

Annnnnnnnnnd it’s on its way! NEW - Update for Amazon Fire TV Devices (v. 1.3.1) & (v. 1.3.3)

It should solve the issue with the navigation on the Fire ‘television’, but please let us know if there’s something that doesn’t seem quite right.

Thanks for the quick fix! Will try it tonight after work.

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It works! Wife is happy again.

Thank you.

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@MJL - Glad to hear it!