Will the antenna pickup italy

I’m curious, I’ve been told by a few people that I should be able to get International tv, specifically RAI (ITALIAN)? I’m well within 35 miles, so I don’t think signal strength will be an issue with the wingard antenna.

Thanks for any and all information


Use tvfool.com to see what channels you can get with your zip code. Then make sure the antenna is pointed in the correct direction.

TYVM!! I appreciate :slight_smile:

Is this tool accurate at all that your aware of? I’m within 10 miles of broadcast antenna and would think it would give me more available channels.

Gianluca :slight_smile:

Yes accurate. Are you sure your antenna is facing the right direction though?

I have yet to make the purchase, sorry I didn’t tell you that. I thought tvfool.com was suppose to show what you’d pickup before I actually have the antenna? I’m want to gather information before I actually make the purchase.

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Which Winegard antenna are you looking to buy?


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That’s a good one, I have used it before.

So am I to assume I’m out of luck and I’ll just have to wait and see what the antenna detects?

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Could someone please give me an answer to this. I used tvfool.com and have attached the results. , however, I’m within 10 miles of the main broadcast antenna, so shouldn’t more channels be available to me? This specific station is really the only thing holding back on ordering.

Thx again all :slight_smile:

What is the channel number and call sign for this RAI channel you want?

According to the link below, the RAI channel is only broadcasted in the US via Satellite. It is not an OTA (over the air) channel.

That I’m unsure about, would you happen to know how I could look it up?

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Yes look at the link I sent you. That channel is not OTA, thus you will not get it with a Winegard OTA antenna.

TY then, my mom will have to deal.

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