Will Tablo Quad be back in stock?

Brand new Tablo Quads nowhere to be found. Will they come back in stock or are they gone for good?

Will any of the new-gen products on the roadmap allow for remote streaming (Tablo Connect)?

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Tablo Quad 1TB OTA shows available.

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Yep, just saw it but out of stock at all retail outlets. Would appreciate an official word from the company.

My “guess” is that the “new Tablo” company has “moved on” from these.

But, I’m also going to guess there will be a 4th gen device perhaps with 4 tuners coming out. I realize that “old Tablo” is not like “new Tablo”… so it may not be the device you want it to be. Pros and cons.

What of remote streaming (Tablo Connect)? Hands down my go-to favorite when out of country…

Time will tell. Because of the “new features”, it’s possible this will not be a focus from here on out (??). Too early to know. Old company was not a broadcaster. Didn’t have that “slant”.

That feature alone made lifetime subscription a no-brainer for me. I can understand that “rebroadcasting” FAST channels may not be possible, but would be great to hear from the company that remote OTA is on their roadmap!

Agreed, it’s hard justify supporting old devices that are just going to cannibalize sales from the new devices.

It’s hard to say. That might actually be the easier challenge from a licensing perspective. A FAST channels licensing agreement probably already covers mobile devices. “Married with children” is an interesting example of licensing snafus. I’m sure a batallion of lawyers are involved. We already had a victim of ATSC 3 licensing problems.

Read recently that they are looking into making this happen with the 4th gen devices in one of their weekly emails.

“While we don’t have the ability to offer out-of-home streaming today, we are still exploring options that could enable the enjoyment of content while away from your home network with the 4th generation Tablo, so stay tuned!”

Tablo was rare, supporting supporting their newest firmware on thier discontinued devices. This goes for free live tech support too.

Coming out with a new generation leaving the old behind is really profitable business model.

As for “stay tuned” that’s just a new version of “its on our roadmap”.

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Thank you for this!

Yep; which is a good thing. But…

“exploring options that could enable the enjoyment of content while away from your home network” does not really imply live streaming as a consideration :unamused: Let’s hope I’m wrong.

I agree completely. I interpreted that as the ability to download recordings on a mobile device to play back anywhere. Being able to do anything similar to Tablo Connect is very likely out of the picture since it doesn’t transcode anymore.

On my 4th gen two tuner, I notices that it takes a very long time for the Roku app to load if even one show is being recorded.

I honestly think the best way to get four-tuner capability is to buy two two-tuners. That also means two hard drives, but I suspect that’s the way to go.

FYI - I had contacted Tablo a few weeks backs and asked about all the legacy drives being out of stock and if they were going to continue producing them.
This is the response I received from Steve:
“Tablo 4th is a new product on the market; all of our previous products are still being manufactured and will be available for purchase.”

Comforting to know, yet calling the older models “legacy” suggests otherwise.

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…and now it’s gone.

That sounds like Plex which has a feature where you mark shows for “download”. It will transcode(optional) the show and then download it to your mobile devices.

Tablo could also create a similar feature that allowed us to mark shows for “upstream” or download. Then it could transcode shows marked for upstream/download and give a notification they are ready for viewing outside the home.