Will not restart. Hanging on blue spinning circle

I am attempting to use my new Tablo Quad HDMI for the first time today. I’ve had to power cycle a couple of times to get it to proceed during the setup process (such as to get it to accept the zip code). Upon a subsequent power cycle, it showed “Tablo is Starting…” with the blue spinning circle in action. The message goes away, but the blue spinning circle continues permanently. I tried power cycling again, same result. I also disconnected the external drive in case it was getting stuck on that during the boot process, but get the same result: perpetual spinning circle. I cannot use this thing.

Well, it did come back after a subsequent power cycle. Could it possibly have taken an hour to download the guide? I did select all the channels to display on the guide.

If you’ve interrupted the setup process, several times it could have been virtually all kind of things causing the delay. Generally, a tablo is functional while it downloads guide data in the background.


I am now getting what I have read others experience: “ Timeout waiting for video data.” Makes it impossible to watch many channels since it completely halts. If the signal drops or gets weak, why wouldn’t casting auto resume when the signal returns instead of just stop playing and displaying the error message?


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