Will Internet Signal Through Coax Harm the Tablo?

Hi All,

We have a camping travel trailer that has a coax port on the outside of the camper to attach cable (if available) at a camp ground, etc. We have cut the cable so all we have is the Internet now and when we go camping (really just sitting outside my sister’s house on a lake in Maine, we want to hook up the internet (we are transferring our TWC Internet service to her house as they don’t currently have Internet access) and then using a splitter, hook up Modem and Router which then would hook into the Tablo and through the other piece of coax - the Tablo for antenna access. In other words, the initial cable would carry both Antenna (we have a roof antenna which has a booster option for the signal) and Internet signal for the Modem, etc.

Has anyone tried this - is it possible to do both signal through one piece of coax, split to do to the modem, router and then to the Tablo as Ethernet connection and have the other split coax to service the roof antenna to the Table via the coax connection on the Tablo? If this won’t work, what could I do? Thanks for your help, Jan

I don’t think you can have two modems. You coul dc use cat6 cabling from a router to your trailer.

OTA and Cable RF (TV or cable internet) won’t work at the same time on the same cable.

You MIGHT be able to get MOCA and OTA to exist on the same cable with appropriate use of MOCA POE filters. See https://www.tivo.com/support/how-to/what-moca#securemoca

Hi FlyingDiver,

I am going to show my ignorance here but website you sent me to says “MoCA (pronounced “mocha,” like the chocolate coffee drink!) networking is a great option if you don’t have easy access to a wired Ethernet cable”

I don’t understand how MoCA could help me. I have cable coax connection on the outside of our travel trailer so I would plug up TWC Internet to this connection. Then we have an antenna on the roof of our travel trailer but we have one coax plug inside (correction - we have two coax plugs inside - one on the wall where you might set a TV for viewing in the livingroom area and the other in the ceiling in the bedroom of the travel trailer above a shelf where you would put a small TV). In the livingroom area, next to the coax connection is a push button that says “booster” which I know boosts the Antenna signal.

So my assumption is that the Internal signal and the Antenna signal is going through the same coax wiring in the travel trailer. I don’t under stand how MoCA would work for me since my Modem needs to connect to the Internet coax and then connect Ethernet to the router and then Ethernet to the Tablo. And then like I say, I need an OTA signal through the antenna on top of the travel trailer that uses this same coax wiring.

I think I can set up the Modem and router in my sister house and use them WIFI to the Tablo or I could take my in door antenna from my house and use that instead of my antenna on the top of my travel trailer but I would hate to have to find room for this indoor antenna especially when I think the antenna on the roof is better especially since it has a booster with it.

How does the coax handle signal that carries Internet, phone and cable over one coax? Thanks for your help, Jan

Your last question first - Cable companies split up the frequency range that the coax can handle and use part for TV channels and part for network (ethernet). Phone is carried on the ethernet segment using VOIP.

As for your main question, it was very confusing reading your original post, specifically about where you intended to put the cable modem. Was it in the TT, or in your sister’s house? If it’s in your sister’s house, and you’re just trying to get the ethernet to the TT, then it might be possible to do it on the same cable as the antenna is connected to, with the appropriate filters and splitters.

You’re better off putting the modem in the house and getting ethernet to the TT via Wifi, long ethernet cable, or possibly powerline adapters.

Hi FlyingDiver,

Sorry for the confusion. I was hoping to put the modem and router wherever it would be best served for us and my sister’s family so that could have been in her house or in our TT - I just don’t know yet. But I realized that if we connected everything in our TT then Internet and Antenna are coming through the same coax as there is one coax connection for the TV either in the livingroom or in the bedroom - both should be tied in the same coax cable.

Tablo support says “With regards to the coaxial connection for your Tablo we recommend using separate lines for internet and the HD Antenna. This will ensure that each service has a dedicated coaxial connection and prevent interference caused by joining the two sources.”

So I have requested out RV repair shop to separate the coax - give us another connection for one or the other. I wouldn’t have tried to use Ethernet connection between the router and the Tablo - I just would have used WiFi. I hope that clears it up for you - thanks for your help, Jan