Will External HD and Internal HD Work Together With Quad

Hello - I have a 2 TB internal hard drive installed in my Tablo quad. It is functioning well, but is running out of space. Is it possible to hook up an external hard drive and operate both drives? Would it harm recordings on the internal drive if I attach an external USB drive?

Thank you. Mike

Sorry, only one drive at a time. If you want more storage, you will need to purchase a larger drive. There are methods to migrate your existing data to a new drive, but Tablo does not natively have that capability.

See the following post regarding migrating to a larger drive:

No. Sorry i don’t have a bookmark handy. I believe if you leave the on inside, the external takes precedent. Your internal stored will be unavailable. You cant just go back and forth. Guide data is stored internally on the tablo, so things wont reconcile.

No. The QUAD can only use either internal or external storage. Not both at the same time.

If you’re planning to move to external storage, you’ll need to remove the SATA drive first.

Thank you everyone for you help on this matter.

Thank you. This will be helpful if I decide to migrate to a single larger drive.

Thank you.

As of now, Tablo has not updated its firmware to support an attached additional drive. Why? Dunno. You can Clone the current drive to a new larger drive by using DiskGenius in a Windows environment. Tablo uses ext4 for its file system. https://www.diskgenius.com. Note: Acronis nor Macrium Reflect 8 can do this. The drive is not even visible in Windows 10 Explorer. But, it IS in DiskGenius. Lastly, DiskGenius is FREE

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