Will any Roku convert legacy Tablo surround to stereo?

Following up from this, which has been locked: Is a 2.1 soundbar likely to accept a 5.1 surround signal?

I sent the following question to Tablo Support but haven’t heard back yet, so I thought I’d ask here as well:

My legacy networked Tablo is set to record surround sound, and I don’t want to change that for the sake of my home theater. In my living room, an Apple TV will convert the surround to stereo, but a Roku Express 4K+ will not.

Will any Roku, like the Ultra for example, do that conversion?

At present, I’m in a situation where only the Apple TV works well for the legacy Tablo, but only the Roku works at all for the 4th gen Tablo (no Apple TV app yet).