WiiU browser doesn't work now, but what about in the near future?

In another forum, someone asked about the WiiU browser.  It has an advantage over many of the smartTv browsers out there because it is based on a touch screen interface.   

I did try it, and it sees my Tablo just fine.  But when I select my Tablo, it just gets stuck at “Connecting…”.

Do you the Tablo web based app being general enough to support a lot more browsers in the near future, or will IE support be the only thing on the roadmap anytime soon?  

I can confirm I’m experiencing the same behavior on my console (can’t connect).

+1 for WiiU browser support (or any browser supporting HTML5)

@snowcat - We want to work on support for Firefox and IE for sure. 

Now the WiiU browser is apparently a weird proprietary one so it may be harder to develop for. 

It doesn’t appear to support websockets, which is a requirement for Tablo clients

Interesting.  Thanks for looking at it. :slight_smile: