Wifi to ethernet

Did a factory reset on my two tuner tablo yesterday. I was hoping it would stabilize some things as it has been a while. I wanted to remove all possibility that tablo would be using wifi, as I had originally set it up, and only using ethernet as I had noticed that after I plugged it into the router that I still saw the tablo connected to my main router via ethernet as a device registered there.

After the factory reset I configured that the tablo was communicating via ethernet and rescanned channels and finished the reset. I cleared my cache in my linksys app and refreshed the devices list and tablo was gone…great. About 10 minutes later I checked devices again and “poof” it was back connected to the main router via wifi.
I thought factory resetting cleared any settings including wifi settings.

Are you sure you are not seeing it due to wireless card having a DHCP Lease?
Can you ping the IP that shows for the wireless card? also the NIC IP address?

Edit: my Gen4 Tablo is connected by hardwired and it does not show up on my wireless at all.

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I will try after work. Thx.

If you have the Tablo connected by Ethernet the Tablo’s Wi-Fi should not be active.


I understand that’s what the instructions say. My main router is across the house from the mesh node it’s physically connected to.

If your Tablo is hardwired into a port. It doesn’t know that it’s in “mesh mode” down the line.

Unless the meshing borks and restores… it may react to that.

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technical term?

useful word I learned my kids.

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