WiFi, Routers & Spectrum - Neat Article & Graphics

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Just wanted to share this great piece from Bloomberg about how tech companies and ISPs are working together to make WiFi better: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2017-end-of-terrible-wifi/

It’s got some really neat graphics including this one that shows just how cluttered the 2.4 GHZ band is. If you’re experiencing buffering you may wish to switch your video devices to 5 GHZ.

Placement is key too. While it’s not really practical to put your router in the middle of the room on a ladder, it’s best to avoid hiding it in the bottom of a cabinet too.

We’ve got some more WiFi tuning tips here:

Taking the time to try at least a few of these tips can make a big difference in the speed and stability of your home network!


Great stuff!

I know when I set Tablo up for my parents I had a heck of a time getting a solid WiFi signal to work in their old farmhouse…

When the house was built, it had an open breezeway running through the middle (and no bathrooms, man, I’m glad I didn’t live back then). What this essentially means is that almost every wall that is in the interior now, was once an outdoor wall so they are all built incredibly thick with multiple layers of solid wood…

I tried 3 different routers and when one of the most expensive, most powerful ones on the market still was not enough to get Tablo to work on a Roku just 15 feet away (but through one of the above mentioned walls), I ALMOST gave up.

I have detailed this in other threads but indeed my fix was to get it on the 5GHz spectrum AND to turn off the routers “smart” routing system. The second part was key, as I spent an entire day “thinking” I had the Roku connected to 5GHZ just to have the router keep switching it back.

Long story short, between the Roku Wifi Remote causing interference on the 2.4 signal and the router continually deciding on its own that the Roku was better on the 2.4, I was chasing my tail.

This router (Asus running custom Merlin Software) has the option to setup multiple guest accounts and you can control if these guest accounts use both frequencies or only one and whether or not that specific account uses the Smart switching. SO now they have a very locked down, 5GHZ signal called “Roku” and I can stream Tablo at even the highest 10MB setting, no problem.

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I am so going to try the ladder in the middle of the room thing. :wink:

Okay, actually, the room is L shaped and I happen to have a tall bookcase up against the wall at the corner of the L.