Wifi router password change

My dad had to change the password for his wifi router and now can’t get into the Tablo. Can’t connect on his Apple TV app nor the app on his phone. Instructions I came across online said to disconnect from the Tablo on your iPad/iPhone and than you can edit/add router. But since he can’t do that what should he do?

Was the Tablo connected to the router via WiFi originally? Or is this the first time you’re trying to make the Tablo connect via WiFi?

It was always connected via wifi

Hey mate, I don’t use the iphone programme but there should be a button like “Edit Wifi” so you can teach the Tablo your new wifi password. If that doesn’t work, give support a ring.

The device can’t be accessed on any platform because it’s trying to use the old password

sounds like time for a factory reset and then reconnect or change the password back to the old one on the router.

Once the Tablo cannot connect via a WiFi to a router, it is supposed to broadcast its own WiFi network called “Tablo_XXXX”. The X being numbers.

You connect your wireless setup device such as an iPad to that WiFi network (this would be done under Settings on the device). Then you can open the Tablo app and configure the name and password of the new wireless network.

@SAndrews10 No need to factory reset, just reboot your Tablo by tapping the blue reset button once. When it can’t connect to the old Wi-Fi network, it’ll go into Wi-Fi setup mode. From there, you can follow any of these guides to get reconnected.

Give us a shout if you need any help!



Tablo’s Wifi is Shit. The internet is full of people complaining.

Lol likely your router is shit, or you’ve placed the Tablo 100 feet away from the router through multiple concrete walls. This ain’t Hogwarts, WiFi isn’t magic.

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And your one of them like to complain instead of finding solution, wifi is not magic a lot of stuff affects how it works. And this is more than a year old post why dig it up ohhh to complain I guess.

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Don’t use WiFi unless you have to use it on a device. In our house everything capable of being physically plugged in is plugged in. That way all the other devices that need a wireless connection will work better / faster / more reliably. I also use the 5.8ghz spectrum on devices that support it so the older 2.4ghz devices and 2.4ghz Bluetooth devices have a better experience. Bluetooth and WiFi are supposed to co-exist gracefully but in my experience Android BT doesn’t do so well when fighting against a congested WiFi network.

For those with close neighbors I also recommend doing a site survey. There are lot’s of good free apps to do that. Those apps won’t shown you interference coming from things like cordless phones and older baby monitors, cameras, ect. The WiFi spectrum is flooded with lots of devices that could be causing issues.