WiFi Range Extenders

All WiFi range extenders di not support 802.11AC. This is one of the few that does and it is the PC Magazine Editors choice. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B010S6SG3S/ref=psdcmw_3015439011_t3_B00R92CL5E

My main PC had been having issues with wifi cutting in and out, so I am now using a Linksys RE6500 for it. It is a range extender that has 4 ethernet ports and supports AC1200 speeds (I can get up to 200 Mbps wirelessly on my 300 Mbps internet connection).

Just mentioned so if someone is looking, they know to get an extender that supports 802.11AC although the Tablo doesn’t.
I have not used it, but do have a TP Link router and that range extender is PC Magazine Editors choice.

The Tablo DUAL Lite has a WiFi chip in it that supports Wireless AC. Older models don’t.


Good to know. .thanks

WiFi extenders are great, but I’ve also said if you have coaxial cable between rooms not being used, these DECA adapters are a cheap way to hard wire a device to your router.