Wifi connected, but not connected to internet

Trying to set up an HDMI dual tablo. I connect to the WiFi, get a good IP address, strong signal, but the set up app says “the connected network does not have internet access”. But that is not correct. I have several other devices (iPhone, iPad, computers) on that wifi network that have internet access. Any idea of what can be done?

Make sure you’re doing all the steps. You set your mobile device to the Tablo’s Wifi network, then use the app to configure the Tablo to connect to your normal Wifi network, then set your mobile device back to your normal Wifi network. While you’re connected to the Tablo directly, you will not have Internet access.

Thanks but mine is not a network Tablo. It connects directly to the tv. I do the setup on the Tablo itself using its remote. It says it’s connected to the Wi-Fi and it has a good IP address. But then I get the message that the network doesn’t have internet access. All my other devices on that network have access I just need internet to get the guide and software updates.

You may want to reboot the router just in case that helps. Otherwise you will need to send a trouble ticket to the Tablo support folks.

Hi @rogersbr,

This may be happening because while your Tablo has connected successfully to your LAN (your local home network), that address specifically may not have WAN access (the internet itself). This could be due to a router setting that is firewalling that IP or any newly assigned IP address from internet access.

You can check your router settings by typing in your router’s gateway address into your browser (usually 192.168.x.1, where x is 1 by default, though it might be 2 or 3 depending on your setup. It will be consistent with your other device IPs).

Then login to the router and check your connected devices or access control settings to see if there is any IP being blocked from internet access.

Thanks. I’ve checked my router and confirmed with my internet provider that there are no blocked IP addresses set up in my router. I bought an AV1000 Gigabit Powerline Starter kit and tried to connect via wired ethernet. Got the same response saying this Network does not have access to the internet. All other connections on the router, wired and wireless, have access.

The unknown client is the Tablo. The MAC address matches the one on the Tablo’s box label.