WiFi Affected by Sunspots?

My Tablo uses wifi on the 5ghz band, and I usually access it thru my tablet which uses the 2.4ghz band. I was unable to connect with my Tablo from my tablet all day today (until after sunset). The 2.4ghz band was wiped out almost all day… I would be connected then immediate disconnects. I rebooted the router, no help. I finally tried the 5ghz band from my tablet – BINGO, it started working! After sunset the 2.4ghz band was back in business. Weird. I have never seen this behavior before.

Since the 11 year sunspot cycle is at an almost historic Solar Minimum, I can hardly wait to see what happens to my WiFi when it reaches a Solar maximum.

I understand that, at this time, the earth’s magnetic field is going thu some changes (this field protects our planet from solar radiation). They seem to think that the earth’s magnetic poles are going switch places soon (as they have done in the past)…and that during this time of change we may experience disruptions in our electronic infrastructure.

I don’t really know what all that will mean for us humans, but I do know it sure scares the heck out of me.

Since the magnetic poles haven’t switched in over 100,00 years, no one knows how fast it will happen and what it means. But obviously all life on earth didn’t end.

I’m much more concerned about E. coli caused by Romaine lettuce.

But the cost of shipping all the polar bears to the Antarctica is going to be huge.

You’re right. I’m not really very worried. Seeing as how I am near end of life (my life). So I figure not much is gonna worry me at this point. 50 years ago, I would have really worried.

So when I said I was “scared”, it was just for drama’s sake. What ever happens… happens, and I probably won’t be around to see it. But darn it, I want to enjoy my old episodes of Gunsmoke until then .

This isn’t the sun, it’s wifi congestion on the 2.4GHz band. If you have an android phone you get get a wifi analyzer app where you can see what channels (wifi) are saturated and look to move to a different channel.

You could be right. But I have not seen this before… and there have been A LOT of 2.4ghz usage in my neighborhood forever (it seems). You can see it when you do a scan for SSIDs… the list seems to go and on. But most are not on the same channel (even if they are on the same band). Most of these modern routers seem good and picking channels with the least usage. I use a Netgear channel analyzer, to see which channel my router is on and how many others are sharing the channel. I have usually no more than 3 SSIDs on the same channel. Still, it might be congestion, as you said.

Did you receive any new WiFi-enabled toys over the holidays? We’ve seen things like wireless headphones wreak havoc on 2.4 networks.

You never know, this band is used everywhere… IoT… Alexa, etc, etc, etc. the list is endless, it seems. But like I wrote before, it stopped at sundown, and it has not comeback since. So a one time shot, so far. Hard to diagnose, if it is not repeatable.