Why would a power injector improve signal scan?

I’m tried numerous pre-amps. Recently i’ve discovered that what I thought was one of the best pre-amps is actually a power injector. I do not understand how a power injector can improve the signal.

Which antenna? If it has a built-in preamp the power injector would turn it on…

I’m using a ClearStream 5 now. It does not have a built in preamp.

Tech data for the Clearstream 5

Based on the tech data, I would guess the filtering circuits on the power injectors power supply just happens to have a beneficial side effect on your signal…


If someone unknowingly unintentionally connects a power injector to their coax, aren’t there greater concerns than why it improves signal. There may be power injectors mis-labled as pre-amps, if one is connected improperly, bad things will happen.