Why wont my tablo work

for the last several weeks my tablo is not working properly ! It freezes, the remote clicks, but does nothing, after a few minutes the program i was watching, jumps ahead and the picture jerks and blinks and it locks up !!! tried to get help from dave at tablo, but he blames it on being wireless, but all other channels work fine!!! I use roku 3 on my wireless router, netflix works perfect as well as other channels!! when i first open tablo from roku home screen it asks for me to upgrade the preview channel , but it never works!!! always have to press later!!! this is a big problem!!!

Despite what anyone says - the Tablo and Roku do not pair well together for many, many people. I’m willing to bet your network is fine - and you can use tablo wirelessly from your PC without issue. I also don’t think it’s the Roku - if it were, we wouldn’t be on what amounts to the 4th firmware version essentially trying to fix tablo on Roku.

If it works on your PC on your wireless network, and you still want to keep your Tablo - I’d consider an NVidia Shield or other device on the Android TV platform. That did it for me, and many others.

I have a robust network and gobs of bandwidth - both wired and unwired, Tablo was garbage on 3 generations of Roku.

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I have to agree with @Adam. I wish I’d done a little more research on the Tablo/Roku issues prior to buying on Roku 4. It has gotten better with the last firmware update from Tablo and I’m optimistic with the future of Tablo.

For me, there weren’t many options available with HDMI and optical out - my TV doesn’t do optical out except from antenna and my receiver doesn’t do HDMI. AppleTV and AirPlay certainly isn’t without it’s issues and the new AppleTV doesn’t have optical out. I could have upgraded my receiver but that’s another $500…meh. It’s only TV, eh?

Sorry to hear you’re having issues @bobrl. I can suggest a fix for this issue though. You can just search for Tablo on the Roku and add it that way. Try the new Roku channel and let us know how that works.

You can also potentially try moving the Roku to the 5 Ghz network if your router is dual-band.

I had this happen over and over, had to do a reboot of roku for it to actually work