Why the subtext for iPad on apple TV?

I’ve just gotten a tablo and can view on iPhone (5 and 6) and computers.  can link computer to hdmi input of tv.

But, am thinking of getting an apple tv since rest of family may not think that’s as easy as i do.  they all have iPhones also.

write-up on apple tv says iPhone (recent models) can stream.  So why do mentions of apple tv here have subtext saying need iPad?   is it because most iPhones don’t do full hdmi resolution?  If so, does that matter when default recording resolution is 720P on the tablo?


My understanding is AirPlay works from the iPad app and not the Web app. The iPhones only have theTablo web app which is different than the iPad app. So you’d need an iPad. There is unfortunately no native app for the Apple TV.

However, with that I recommend if you want to play Tablo back on an HDTV that you get a Roku 3 or Amazon Fire TV / Stick.

Read this thread for ATV issues:

Airplay works with the webapp and within a browser. I often use my iPod touch to stream tablo via Airplay.

Thought I’d update my own question.

Bought an Apple TV to try, figuring I could return it if it didn’t work.

First effort was a failure, with spooling as expected then playback catching up to spooled data and freezing.  It occurred to me that my entire configuration was wi-fi, with tablo->router->phone->router->Apple TV.

So I figured I might need to move my router close to the tablo and apple tv (which aren’t near each other in preferred config).  And I took a first step of using wire from Tablo to router.  I didn’t expect this to fix the problem, maybe just decrease the stuttering.  But initial test (15 minutes of a prime-time HD show recorded at 720) had no stuttering whatsoever.

Feeling pretty good about it right now

[note: tablo pushed a sw update today that took effect before my second test]

New user here but I read this thread before installing Tablo next to Airport extreme router using short cable.  KInda weird not being near a TV but router/modem is apparently ideal location for Tablo box.  

Tablo 2.1.28, HTML 1.0.17-491 Airplay to AppleTV from either iPad mini or iPhone 6+ working great with no hiccups or weirdness.  Nearly 24hrs.  Even the skip, pause and time-drag functions exhibit much less delay than expected.  Although, there's slightly more of a delay after 2qty 30 second jumps???  

I was originally thinking we'd grab a Roku for native app to HDMI but Tablo has kinda breathed new life into our iPad Mini.  Makes a pretty cool remote for the coffee table, arm chair.  

All it really needs IMO is ability to Airplay in background.  Or, at minimum allow for navigation of Tablo menu functions while broadcasting Airplay.  

Of course, a native AppleTV app would be more than welcome...
Of course, a native AppleTV app would be more than welcome...

Let’s hope that Apple has some good news on this front at June’s developer conference… 


I hear ya!  At this rate, Apple's doing one helluva job promoting Roku's...  

But thanks to all @Tablo for a very cool product, sales and place to interact for knowledge, tips & tricks.  

btw, our poor little EyeTV iPhone access has very likely streamed it's last stream, LOL...  Tablo's light years beyond.

Glad to hear things are going well for you!

Glad to hear things are going well for you!

Much deserved kudos to this board and community!  Merely investing a little homework reading over the weekend waiting for delivery made a HUGE difference installing and setting up Tablo.  Smooth as silk - ‘keep wondering: “what’s the catch?”  LOL…

Seriously, thanks again and congratulations on a nicely produced OTA HDTV product.  

Even if/when I do encounter trouble I know where to go for answers!

EDIT - Oh my, stuttering quotes.  Board software leaves a bit to be desired but if that's our only problem we're ahead.