Why Tablo Changes Installation

I have a Nvidia TV Pro and installed a Tablo on it and it works good so far. I can use my remote with UP, Down, Right and left keys and OK button. Then the same App I installed on my Minix Android Box and now everything change. No longer my Keys work (ONLY GOING UP AND DOWN ON CHANNELS). So the remote that came with Minix is useless. Now I’m force to use a Mouse type of remote. Which I’m un happy.
This Minix was going to Master bedroom so my not so smart wife could operate because she could use a Logitech Universal Remote. But she can’t and I know she will be confused to use mouse type off remote.

Why just not leave the Keys alone and keep it like Nvidia Setup. You still can use Mouse if you want too.

Your Minix box may be running the Android app designed for smartphones and tablets rather than the Android TV app.

Is your Minix box just running an Android OS? Rather than the Android TV boxes like Nexus Player and NVIDIA Shield that run an Android TV OS. There is a difference between the OS versions, see below. The Tablo app was designed to run in Android TV boxes, not Android boxes.

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Yes it’s Android Base OS and not Android TV. But why just not leave the same way the Controllers. A lot software can be used that way. That they using Navigation Keys and can be used with mouse too and Touch screen. So why not Tablo…