Why only Android TV devices and not Android phones?

I knew the HDMI model was limited in it’s streaming and I am OK with that. I was only curious why you can stream to a cheap $25 FireStick and not a $1000 Galaxy Ultra, Pixel and all that?

I might need outside the house streaming down the road and need to figure out if the AndroidTV app can be sideloaded on the phone or it just will never work???

I also still have my streaming Quad, been trying to sell it with no luck. I hope I don’t need to hook that up and use 2 Tablos one for streaming outside the house. My lifetime guide only covers 1, so the 2nd Quad will not be able to stream anyways unless I pay twice which I really don’t want to do.

Can you stream outside your LAN via an HDMI model? I recall the subscription was for in house streaming.

No, you can’t. The whole Tablo Connect model requires transcoding, and the HDMI model doesn’t transcode.

And to respond to the original poster, a cheap FireTV stick has an HDMI port and connects to a TV. Phones do not.

We have the HDMI model working fine in a web browser with NextPVR even though Tablo says it can’t, no additional hardware, you only needed to manually add the ip so it could find it. I am sure there is something Android that can do the same out there. Tablo Tools works, Tablo Ripper too just need to add the ip manually on the HDMi models.

Sure, but none of those are tablo products.

Sounds like you already have it figured out any how.


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